Crowd Funding Newbie!

Hey, if you are like me, you and all your mates are on the cusp of, well, everything. But I’ve never spearheaded any sort of crowd funding campaign, although they are EVERYWHERE!

A man in prison  was convicted unjustly had his bail posted, a child needing surgery whose parents could not afford it used crowd funding, animal rescue groups and ALL THE TOUCHING stories we hear.  But what about me?

I just don’t have the money to get to film school and pursue a dream.

So there are several great crowdfunding sites out there, and also great information on how to be cautious in terms of what site you use, how to go about it, and make sure your efforts to raise funds are genuine.  According to an article recently, there was a huge crowd funding drive that raised tons of money, but it turns out they could not find the real people behind these products and when questions emerged, there were problems getting money back to early investors in this idea.

My cousin who lives in the US, used a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 in one month to expand his natural juice company and great brand into a full retail store in a very high traffic-good market just 30 miles north.

crowd funding ideas

Kickstarter is amazing, because your “investors” typically get something back, depending on how much they pledge. Also, if the goal is not reached, nobody is out any money. This prevents the fear that someone might be close, but not enough for me to go to NY Film School for example, but use the money any way I see fit.  A great story in Australia came  out that you can read about here.  

This sort of validates the crowdfunding idea and it’s venture capitalist meets social media generation way of raising funds for dreamers, just like me.


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