Three Reasons to Consider Crowdfunding

kickstarter crowdfunding

If you’re ever looking for money for a project you’re passionate about or something else you need some serious funding for, crowdfunding via social media is typically a great way to go. With sites like Kickstarter, Patreon and GoFundMe, people can pitch their ideas and find like-minded people who will financially support the project. Here are three reasons to consider crowdfunding.

1: You’re pitching to your peers and not necessarily to a group of investors. While you can add incentives to entice people to donate, you don’t need to promise them a return on the money. These are regular people just like you.

2: It’s easy to reach goals if your project goes viral on social media. If it takes off on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you’ll not only meet your goals but also exceed them. Anita Sarkeesian was looking for a few thousand dollars to start her FeministFrequency video series and got almost 200k!

3: You’ll pick up fans along the way. You’ll find people who like your project and want to be a part of it, so not only are you gathering initial funding, you’re also building your brand.

These are just three of the many reason to consider crowdfunding.



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