New York Film School Success

Hey mates!

Well it has been a long time since I started exploring crowdfunding ideas as I myself was hoping to inspire or rather, inspire OTHERS about my journey through a successful crowdfunding campaign to help get me into New York Film School. Well, guess what? It finally happened! I used the simple crowdfunding campaign called GoFundMe to help secure the funds I needed! 3380 Euros were raised in just a month!

gofund me crowdfunding

From my mum to my friends, to all their friends and beyond. This is how viral social media marketing works at its best, in order to help somebody pursue their dreams! You cannot imagine all of the success stories of families trying to get medical bills covered they could not before, or a business startup idea that needed just a little bit of leverage to get going, to MY DREAM OF FILM SCHOOL!

One of the neatest stories that came out recently had some New Zealand ties  and it is one that means you better get your tissue out.  Infertility or adoption fees are now a big push in the crowdfunding arena, and you can read about this couples amazing journey here

Couple looking for adoption support through crowd funding

The funds I have received are in order to covers my flight costs, a deposit on the flat I am sharing with another new student, and just enough funds to get my through the first month until I get a job while studying! Never give up on your dreams and follow my blog to see how things go for me and I will also keep sharing insights into crowdfunding around the world!.


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