How copper water is beneficial for your skin

Storing and drinking water from a copper vessel is an ancient tradition. Our ancestors stored and consumed water from copper utensils as it has the ability to balance the three doshas of the body (Vata, kapha and pitta). Along with balancing the three doshas, regular consumption of copper water helps in benefitting the entire body especially your skin.

During the ancient era, copper vessels were used for their antibacterial properties. When stored in a copper vessel for extended hours, water gets charged with copper ions. Copper is a trace mineral which is crucial for the proper functioning of the body. The regular consumption of water helps with boosting immunity, neurological improvements, reducing inflammation and enhanced blood health.

Along with these, copper water helps greatly in slowing down the aging process and reducing the early signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.  Copper combines with an enzyme named, lysyl oxidase which allows elastin fibers and collagen to cross-link.

For people suffering from acne, copper water helps in reducing the number of breakouts by regulating the production of thyroid. If you are suffering from continuous hormonal acne which you can’t get treated, then you might be suffering from hypothyroidism.

If you want to reap the various benefits of copper water for your skin, then all you need is a pure copper water bottle or copper pitcher. Every night fill your copper water bottle or copper pitcher with fresh drinking water and leave it overnight. The next morning your copper water is ready to be consumed. Follow this ritual every day and within a few months, you will start noticing a great deal of difference in your skin.

Combine this technique with regular practice of yoga asanas meant for improving the skin and double up the results instantly.


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