Let´s get more into crowdfunding!

After several posts, I thought of again going into the roots of crowdfunding. Every day I get more and more readers, and as well does the blog grow, even more does the popularity of crowdfunding.

Before, even some years ago, when someone needed money to finance a project or idea, the only available options would have been to ask for a credit, sell a property or ask someone to lend him some money. Nowadays, there exist new options to help you afford the creation and beginning of your new project and bring it to life.


Crowdfunding is a new way of externalizing different tasks that were traditionally performed by an employee or contractor. This is now carried out by a group of people, who can know each other or not, and a community. All of this is about an open calling, asking human beings to support and finance a specific cause.

Some of this “Open Source” projects promise their financiers specific goals and/or results. It is by this means that money is raised, under the commitment of getting a specific amount of money to be able to run and execute a project with specific results already planned.

According to one specialist, crowdfunding is based on the idea that wealthy people trust individuals rich in ideas, and they work together and therefore make they come true.