A New World of Opportunity with Crowdsourcing

I’ve been going on and on about crowdfunding in my previous posts, so I thought I should just advice you that even though crowd funding is a super way to raise much needed capital needed for your  start up, it will require some thought like knowing which type of crowdfunding will be suited to your project. Certainly if your company’s resources are stretched to the limit, crowdsourcing and play an important role with your content marketing for instance.  It is important to research some projects similar to yours and look at the platforms they did well on. For instance we all know that Kickstarter is a popular crowdfunding sites, but you need to discover that there are drawbacks to using it such as their being no marketing help.

crowdfunding can do woders

Crowdfunding opens up a new world of opportunity to startups, opening up chances for capital to flow into a startups. This has benefits all round as new companies mean new job opportunities. If you’re a start up in New Zealand, there are open-format websites which educate the public on the topic of crowdsourcing, offering plenty of crowdsourcing resources and guides. I’ll say it again – creative crowdsourcing is a very useful tool and because content marketing is about people increasingly sharing online, it is important, if not critical to maintain fresh content to maintain sharing of ideas


Kickstarter it will Be!

Well, according to an article I found in New Zealand alone there are thirty-three Kickstarter projects going on right now! This is exciting news for me!

Since I had this dream since I was a young boy, there are loads of my family and mates that would help share the crowdfunding campaign.

But I need to really find out how much money it will require of me to get to New York City and add that to the costs of the air travel, the food, basic other supplies to help me survive the first month before I can for sure find a part-time job!

Oh my goodness, I’m excited just typing this out!

The Kickstarter Economy is a phrase that has been coined by many, and based on how many startups are bypassing venture capital and getting people, REAL PEOPLE, to help buy into and support their dream or vision is amazing!

So with this economic slowdown and banks becoming very leery of lending to anyone, much less a chap like me, technology is allowing anyone in the world with a clear idea of what they want, to RAISE FUNDS!

Next I’ll be working on my budget and let you know if I’ve been accepted, and began the process of seeing how this new economic boon that is “crowdfunding” can help me achieve my dream of being a filmmaker.

Kickstarter New Zealand Film Project