A Year in Review for Crowdfunding New Zealand


Pledgeme  one of the first of New Zealand's  crowdfunding platforms.


Well it has been over a year now since New Zealand encouraged and supported crowdfunding with legislation.

When you think that our overall population is 4.5million so what has been achieved our first year is quite amazing.

  • $12.4 raided in over 21 New Zealand Companies.
  • $2 million raised by tow companies ( regulated maximum amount).
  • 6 companies reaching their own self imposed maximum targets.
  • $700,000 successfully raised by the first equity crowdfunding  campaign
  • 78% successful campaigns

There are now a number of  platforms operating:

The above are the Platforms that support the cultural sector.

I found some information on a couple of crazy marketing ploys that I thought I would share ( all from Pledgeme)

  • A promise to shave of his beard from an artist raising money to replenish his stocks after a large project
  • Pledging to wear a panda onesie on a flight to Chicago and provide photo evidence of said event!
  • Christchurch art gallery trying to raise funds to buy back Michael Parekowhai’s bull sculpture made free use of the word bull in their marketing, instances of, “Unbullievable” Bull-iever” “Unstoppabull” “Unbelieveabull” an excellent use of puns I think.

As the year ends what happening with me? Well I didn’t raise enough money to go abroad although an aunt decided she would assist me but I finally decided I would stay here in New Zealand  so i am applying to the New Zealand Film & Television school @ Whitireia Polytechnic I am going to start a new blog for my experiences there but I think I will keep this one going for longer as crowdfunding is certainly something I think is the way forward and who knows I might one day might need it to fund one of my film projects.